Vignesh Srinivas Kaushik

Vignesh is an architect and computational design consultant who loves to explore the use of advanced digital design techniques to generate architectural concepts. He focuses on projects that incorporates building performance and computational design into mainstream architecture.

Vignesh earned his Master of Architecture from the National University of Singapore and also has been a frequent contributor of research papers in many computational design conferences & journals.


Manikandaprabhu is an architect and urban planner with expertise in mixed use design & city center revitalization. Championing the cause of sustainable transportation, he has collaborated with govt. agencies in USA and India to design better bicycling facilities in their cities.

Mani holds a Masters degree in Urban Planning from the California State University, USA and is passionate about providing sustainable design solutions using vernacular design methods.

Muthu Kumaran

Muthu is an architect and interior designer who explores different materials and their tactile properties and the play of light and shadow on them. He strongly believes in delivering an integrated sustainable solution where architecture and interiors go hand in hand.

Muthu earned his Bachelor of Architecture from the Anna University, Chennai and has over 5 years of experience in delivering sustainable corporate and home interior projects.