Building Performance

Introducing performance-based strategies early in the design process enables the architect and the client to make informed design decisions. We believe that consistent feedback on design decisions is vital in achieving a truly performance-driven design approach. We can help you characterize the performance of your building and would love to collaborate with your team as a Building Performance Consultant.

Daylight + Solar Design

The trade-off between increasing daylight levels without significantly increasing heat gain is an adaptive-iterative process. Sensible orientation of buildings with carefully sized and positioned fenestration and shading devices reduces heat gain and the need for artificial lighting. At WOWAD, we strive to achieve a truly optimal Daylight + Solar Design using the latest in building performance and optimization techniques.

CFD & Passive Design

Passive design features are cost-effective contributors to low-energy operation of buildings. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows us to optimise massing solutions that make the most prevailing climatic conditions. We, at WOWAD, not only analyse parameters such as building’s form, massing, orientation, fenestration and solar shading, passive stacks and lightwells etc. but also derive architectural expression from such analysis.

Water Management

Management of water consumption has often not demanded the same attention as other sustainability initiatives. However, dwindling reserves of groundwater calls for effective management of water used within the building and during its construction. Careful planning of grey-water recycling, water conservation fittings, rainwater harvesting, effective landscaping contribute to a high-profile sustainability goal.

Performance Optimization

It is key to have feedback on the performance of design variants to facilitate evidence-based decision making. The objective of performance optimisation is very simple: to achieve increasingly better results in as many performance metrics without significant increase in cost and time. We at WOWAD can help you calibrate, iterate and verify the design process at every stage to achieve a truly sustainable design.

Sustainable Retrofits

Building owners/developers may consider it to be not worthwhile to pursue sustainability with existing buildings. Retrofitting an existing building most often tend to be more cost and time effective than building a new facility. We at WOWAD, constantly initiate and execute energy conservation retrofits to enable businesses to reduce their energy bills and help them extend the effective lifetime of their building.