Top 3 Computational BIM Workflows for Architects

This blog post showcases the various Computational BIM workflows that are in use by professionals today. This post adopts a tool-agnostic approach in dissecting the advantages and limitations to each of these workflows. The top 3 workflows have been picked for the benefit of the uninitiated.

Why do Architects need Computational BIM Workflows?

Instead of using the best tool for the job, a large section of designers choose to use one BIM software that they are most familiar with for both design exploration and interrogation, possibly losing out on creative freedom. Here's what they should do instead.

Computational Design Thinking Workshop (Concluded)

21-22 March 2016, Rajalakshmi School of Architecture, Chennai

This is a 2 day intensive workshop geared towards architects and designers who wish to augment their design workflow with advanced techniques leveraging parametric modelling and design simulation tools.

Livable Habitat and Sustainable Urban Agenda

Symposium organised by IIT, Kharaghpur & MoHUPA

Ar.Vignesh made a presentation on 'Computational Approach to Housing through Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA)'. The talk focused on how we can bring about affordable innovation in the housing industry through adopting technological advances in the construction sector.

Computational Design Thinking

A Knowledge Sharing Session with Architecture Students

Vignesh Kaushik delivered a series of lectures on 'Computational Design Thinking' in some of the leading Architecture schools in Chennai in July 2013. These talks focused on how capacities of computational design are fully unfolded by effectively exercising computational thinking in design practice.