Livable Habitat and Sustainable Urban Agenda

Symposium organised by IIT, Kharaghpur & MoHUPA

Ar.Vignesh made a presentation on 'Computational Approach to Housing through Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA)'. The talk focused on how we can bring about affordable innovation in the housing industry through adopting technological advances in the construction sector.

An Evolutionary Design Process

Conference Paper at CAADRIA 2013

Vignesh Kaushik presented a paper on 'An Evolutionary Design Process: Adaptive-iterative explorations in computational embryogenesis' at The 18th International CAADRIA conference held in May 2013 at the National University of Singapore.

Multi-Criteria Evolutionary Optimisation

Conference Paper at CAADRIA 2012

Vignesh Kaushik presented a research paper on 'Multi-Criteria Evolutionary Optimisation Of Building Envelopes During Conceptual Stages Of Design' at the 17th International CAADRIA conference held in April 2012 at Hindustan University, Chennai.