An Evolutionary Design Process

Conference Paper at CAADRIA 2013

Vignesh Kaushik presented a paper on 'An Evolutionary Design Process: Adaptive-iterative explorations in computational embryogenesis' at The 18th International CAADRIA conference held in May 2013 at the National University of Singapore.

Parametric Architecture Seminar

Explorations in Computational Design Methodologies

The Parametric Architecture Seminar explored the use of parametric methodologies within architectural and engineering design processes. I had delivered a 20-min talk on using computational design for generating a spatially complex urban farm network in Singapore.

Chapter 5 – Adaptive-iterative Design Exploration

An Urban Farming Paradigm Resilient to Energy Descent

This chapter focuses on the process of creating embryogenies for a complex design problem through a sequential process of adaptive-iterative exploration. By employing an adaptive-iterative process, the embryogeny can be made progressively more complex and less abstract, thereby allowing the exploration to be better guided by the designer.

Chapter 4 – Evolutionary Design Process

An Urban Farming Paradigm Resilient to Energy Descent

Evolutionary design is an approach that evolves populations of design variants through the iterative application of a set of computational procedures. Since most designers have limited programming skills, we need to be able to define the key computational procedures without having to write computer code.