Multi-Criteria Evolutionary Optimisation

The 17th International CAADRIA conference was held during 25-28 April 2012 and was hosted by Hindustan University, Chennai.

Vignesh Kaushik presented a paper on ‘Multi-Criteria Evolutionary Optimisation Of Building Envelopes During Conceptual Stages Of Design’.┬áThis paper focused on using evolutionary algorithms during conceptual stages of design process for multi-criteria optimisation of building envelopes. An experiment was carried out in optimising a panelled building envelope. The design scenario for the experiment was based on the building envelope of the Media Centre Building in Paris. The performance intent of the experiment was to maximise daylight and minimise afternoon direct sun hours in the building at certain specific locations.┬áThe experiments demonstrated how designers could quickly use evolutionary algorithms to explore a wide range of design variants at early conceptual stages of design process.

The paper was authored by Vignesh Kaushik and Patrick Janssen at National University of Singapore.

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