[Webinar] Computational Analysis & Synthesis of Urban Morphology using Rhino/GH

You’ll learn how to analyse Street Networks effectively to compute real life phenomena such as the distribution of functions in a city or the movement patterns of citizens.

[Webinar] Audible Designs: Room Acoustics Simulation in Rhino/GH

What we need is a design tool that can help us understand why a room sounds the way it is, and figure out how could we improve it. In this webinar, we'll learn how to achieve it using an open-source solution like Pachyderm.

[Webinar] Computational BIM for Concept Design Using Rhino/GH and ARCHICAD

In this workshop, you'll learn how to use computational design workflows in early stages of a project to design a building and automate BIM documentation effectively. To demonstrate this, we'll be using the GH—AC Live Connection tool to generate and manipulate BIM elements in ARCHICAD directly from Grasshopper.